Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
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Ulrike's Locks 'n' Things
Anonymous DM Platform
Receiver's Handle:


By using this freely provided tool you:
Agree to not abuse or otherwise misuse the tool to attempt to harass any individual
Accept that I reserve the right to deny service to any individual attempting to misuse this service
Accept that I reserve the right to not send any anonymous DMs that I feel might be malicious or threatening on an out of character level (in character is fine)
Understand that the original sender will remain anonymous and that no usernames or handles will be or can be collected by me from SWCombine under any circumstance
Understand that no personally identifiable information on the original sender will be retained by me for longer than 24 hours
Understand that the system will allow only a single anonymous DM per individual per 24 hours
Understand that I will only send out Anonymous DMs to receivers in a batch every 24 hours  and after this time the original anonymous DM will be lost
Understand that there is no way to retract Anonymous DMs in the queue outside of DMing with the receiver AND message of the DM PRIOR to the next sending run

This tool does not collect any data that can be used to identify you and what little data it uses will be removed from the system once your Anonymous DM has been sent through Darkness (at most 24 hours).
All messages sent through this system will have "You have received an Anonymous DM provided through the Ulrike's Locks 'n' Things Anonymous DM Platform!" header to inform the recipient that the DM is not directly from me.
This tool is still a Work In Progress. Additional features are planned including (but not limited to) limited Anonymous DM replies.